The company

PRIOREC is a specialist provider for the transport, testing and dismantling as well as the handling and professional disposal of high-voltage systems, prototypes and airbags. PRIOREC also specialises in the dismantling and disposal of electric vehicles and other end-of-life vehicles and vehicle parts. PRIOREC also sells special containers for airbag destruction and the safe transport and storage of critical high-voltage systems and vehicles.
PRIOREC is part of the BÜCHL group of companies.

Our mission

Progressive recycling combines the product lifecycle end with ideas for the future.

eBay shop for automative parts
eBay shop for automative parts

Our eBay shop for automotive parts

PRIOREC sells used automotive parts with a guarantee, primarily for VW and AUDI vehicles, based on a parts store with over 10000 positions, via its own eBay-Shop and also via the E-Car online system. In addition, car parts can also be requested by phone and bought directly in our sales office.


PRIOREC is an active member of various networks; either independently or as part of the BÜCHL Group. Next to membership of the Bundesverband Elektro-Mobilität (BEM Electric Mobility Federation) we are also engaged in the vehicle recovery operators’ network (LRP, Autocirc), in the biggest medium-sized recycling business network (LOGEX), and in newly established electric vehicle and HV battery disposal networks (ecar-cycle). In addition, PRIOREC is the official acceptance point for BMW and the VW Group.

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