Safe disposal also for Automated Guided Vehicles

PRIOREC Entsorgung für Grenzebach_AGV L1200_Fertigung

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are used in in-plant logistics, and increasingly use Li-Ion technology. PRIOREC has agreed a long-term contract with a leading manufacturer, GRENZEBACH Maschinenbau GmbH in Hamlar, which for the first time guarantees the nationwide take-back of AGVs, the safe dismantling of Li-ion batteries and 100% recycling. For GRENZEBACH, this is an extension of the service offering.

First series containers of the LION.COOL.BOX delivered

The LION.COOL.BOX, the patented storage and transport system for E-vehicles and HV batteries is available. The LCB are equipped with 5 tanks, so that stationary and mobile flooding is possible in case of fire. Internally closing gates and a water circuit ensure safety and reduced disposal costs. Available for rent in October, the system has an aerosol extinguishing system, sprinkler system and cloud-based temperature monitoring.

Safe disassembly for all LOTUS test vehicles


With LTIC, the Lotus Tech Innovation Centre in Raunheim, another customer is working with PRIOREC. LTIC develops state-of-the-art e-vehicles for the global premium brand Lotus. After extensive tests and test drives, the technology carriers have to be dismantled and disposed of very safely. PRIOREC meets the legal requirements for recycling the vehicles and HV batteries and guarantees prototype protection with the TISAX label.

FORTUM Battery Recycling Start of cooperation

PRIOREC continues to expand the area of HV battery disposal according to plan, and in the future will also cooperate with the Finnish specialist FORTUM for the low-CO2 recycling of batteries and modules, which produces raw materials for new batteries using state-of-the-art technology from blackmass. PRIOREC will supply the German FORTUM sites and at the same time also act as an operational waste disposal company for FORTUM in the core region of Bavaria.

PRIOREC goes mobile with own logistics

For fast and efficient collection of small quantities, PRIOREC starts in July with own vehicles in Sprinter class, equipped for ADR and with own ADR drivers. As part of the BÜCHL Group, PRIOREC continues to use the truck fleet of sister company BÜCHL Entsorgungswirtschaft (roll-off trucks and box trucks) for transports of HV batteries and vehicle parts, and is also expanding supraregional partnerships with special logistics companies.

Service Contract with MG extension to EU-Countries

The collaboration between MG, as a brand of SAIC Motor, and PRIOREC, appointed at the end of last year, has been extended to other EU-countries. The service scope is to take-back, dismantle and recycle electric vehicles and high-voltage batteries. MG is one of the fastest growing new electric vehicles brands and wants to benefit from the complete services of PRIOREC, also by inclusion of network partners in Austria and Scandinavia.

End-Of-Life-Vehicles Take-Back-Partner BMW

The contract between BMW and PRIOREC as a take-back partner for end-of-life-vehicles has been prolongated at den beginning of the year 2023. The contract runs for the next five years, and exists since more than 20 years, formerly hold by BÜCHL 1A Autoteile. PRIOREC is responsible for dismantling, draining and recycling of elv, as well as the evaluation of the recycling quota, and takes back old cars free of charge.

Prototype Safety at PRIOREC ENX-TISAX: Results available


Since February 2023 the TISAX label is available at the platform, and can be seen for all ENX participants. On request PRIOREC shares the results. By issuing the results PRIOREC has successfully finalized a two-year process of implementation and validation of TISAX. The TISAX label includes information security management system (ISMS) and prototype safety, requested both by customers for car recycling processes.