We consult our customers personally about all individual demands for secure disposal and destruction.

Direct contact

Peter Meissner

Peter Meissner

Email: peter.meissner@priorec.de
Telephone: +49 8 41 96 46 25

Jürgen Kienlein

Jürgen Kienlein

Email: juergen.kienlein@priorec.de
Telephone: +49 8 41 96 46 41

Karl-Heinz Röll

Team leader
Auto disassembly and airbag destruction
Email: karl-heinz.roell@priorec.de
Telephone: +49 8 41 96 46 12


Team leader
High voltage, collection systems, and product disassembly

Johann Seifert

Team leader
Metal recycling and cable operation preparation
Email: johann.seifert@priorec.de
Telephone: +49 8 41 96 46 77

Aleksandar Davanzo

Parts sales 1A Autoteile, Buying point, metal recycling, online business
Email: aleksandar.davanzo@priorec.de
Telephone: +49 8 41 96 46 74

Lea Ortner

Operation, marketing, organisation assistant
Email: lea.ortner@priorec.de
Telephone: +49 8 41 96 46 57

Sylvia Rußwurm

Office service
Email: sylvia.russwurm@priorec.de
Telephone: +49 8 41 96 46 73


Robert-Bosch-Str. 1 – 5
Betriebsstätte Steinheilstraße 18
85053 Ingolstadt

Tel.: +49 841 9646-80

Buying point for metals

PRIOREC operates a buying point for metals at the Steinheilstraße 18 location. Small businesses, tradesmen, and private people can sell numerous types of metal for cash (or bank transfer) at current prices. Expert employees help to evaluate the metals, the metals are weighed in large and small amounts on-site. Click here for buying conditions and opening times.

eBay shop for automative parts

PRIOREC sells used automotive parts with a guarantee, primarily for VW and AUDI vehicles, based on a parts store with over 10000 positions, via its own eBay-Shop and also via the E-Car online system. In addition, car parts can also be requested by phone and bought directly in our sales office.